Bandido Shaving Gel Mettalic Gold Exclusive 1lt

Bandido Shaving Gel Mettalic Gold Exclusive 1lt


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Bandido Shaving Gel provides excellent moisturizing properties in a smooth consistency thanks to the glycerin it contains. Bandido Shaving Gel protects the skin from irritation and razor burns. Helps prevent micro-cuts. At the same time provides to the razor blade lubricity and provides an ideal sensitive shave. It leaves a soft, smooth and calm feeling on the skin after shaving. Bandido shaving gel varieties are formulated as pearlescent and transparent colors to offer you a pleasant shave experience with its unique scents. Our shaving gel also lubricates the skin leading to less irritation while the razor glides over the skin.

1000ml package

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Weight 1.155 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 27.5 cm
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